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  • Brook Cottage

    A country residence for dogs

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    With a large, secure garden …

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    … to romp in and play

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    And our own fenced paddocks for further adventure.

  • Woofers

    Here warmth and comfort are always assured

  • Lazing in the summer sun

    And Guests can laze on the patio in the summer sunshine

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    There's always lots to do at Woofers

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    And fascinating things to see…

  • Making new friends

    New friends to be made

  • Splashing in the sea

    Adventures to be had

  • Romping in the kitchen

    Rough and tumble games for those that choose

  • Black lab catches ball

    Or sporty games in the garden

  • Walking in field under Beeston Castle

    We promise a different walk every day

  • Dogs in a wide open field

    Because there is always a new place to explore

  • Walking by streams

    Sometimes by streams and rivers

  • Jumping in the woods

    Through woods

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    Across hills

  • Dogs exploring open field


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    And secret, special places

  • Gogs passing through field gate

    Far away from livestock and roads

  • Dogs just enjoying being dogs

    Where dogs can enjoy the pleasure of simply being dogs

  • Mature dog climing ramp into dogmobile

    Dogs travel between adventures in our specially adapted dog-mobile

  • Dog in bed watching cat on TV

    Personal preferences always a priority

  • Little dog snoozing on sofa

    Those who prefer a quieter life...

  • Lazing in a summer garden

    Can just laze in a sheltered spot

  • Two dogs reading the Sunday papers

    Read the Sunday papers,

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    Or socialise on the lawn

  • Making friends with a kiss

    At Woofers little and large live in harmany

  • A good night

    And we pledge always to put our guests needs first